Hublot is using its global reach, and reconfirming its support for and partnership with Kevin Pietersen and SORAI to preserve endangered species threatened with extinction, with the release of the new edition of the Big Bang Unico SORAI. This release invites 100 future owners to help support this cause with a portion of proceeds from the sales being donated exclusively to Care for Wild for the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned rhinos.

Big Bang Unico SORAI

While the previous release, with its beige ceramic case, evoked the colours of the South African bush in winter, the Big Bang Unico SORAI is equipped with the UNICO manufacture movement and inspired by the natural colours of the bush in summer: a harmonious blend of two shades of green, from the green ceramic case to the green camouflage rubber or velcro strap.

This special edition, engraved on the back of the sapphire crystal glass, will be available as a limited edition of 100 pieces.

On the ground, every day is a battle, a race against time by the teams of dedicated specialists who rescue, rehabilitate, and release these rhinos back into the wild. We don’t want to lose one of the Big Five, not for us but for our children’s children. We therefore need to put our common efforts towards protecting this species! I am very happy that Hublot is once again able to provide its support to SORAI, to help raise maximum awareness of this global emergency

Kevin Pietersen, Founder of SORAI


SORAI has joined forces with shoe company VELDSKOEN, to create a limited edition shoe in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the conservation of endangered species.

The SORAI VELDSKOEN is a handmade, luxury nubuck shoe, fully leather lined with thermo-plastic rubber soles, a fitting addition to the sustainably made SORAI clothing range.

The partnership between the shoe company and wildlife organisation is a natural fit. SORAI’s mission is to drive people to purchase with a purpose in order to save not only the rhino, but all endangered species from extinction and VELDSKOEN prides itself on collaborating with companies and organisations who are shining a positive light on South Africa, through business and CSI initiatives.

Profits made on the SORAI VELDSKOEN will go to a conservation effort close to our hearts, Kariega’s “Walk With Us” campaign.
The Kariega Foundation’s primary source of funding to maintain the active and effective Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) usually comes from the levy paid by Kariega Game Reserve safari guests. Due to COVID this funding source has ceased to exist and until guests are able to return they need our help in keeping their APU fully operational so that rhino at Kariega remain protected.

“We are delighted and so grateful that SORAI and VELDSKOEN have chosen to walk with us in protecting the rhino. Conservation is a team sport and we will only succeed if more and more people, organisations and brands chose to work together to achieve a common vision. In this case – saving a species.”
– Lindy Sutherland / Director Kariega Foundation

Purchasing a pair of our SORAI VELDSKOEN shoes ensures your part in keeping the Kariega Foundation’s APU running & their rhinos safe for years to come.


Care for Wild is the biggest orphan rhino sanctuary in the world.

Our partnership with Care for Wild focuses on employing vets, nutritionists, ecologists and other specialists for the ongoing care of rhinos that have been injured, abandoned and orphaned in the wild. By working together we hope to prevent the extinction of rhino by the predicted year of 2025.


Centre for Wildlife Studies in an internationally recognized wildlife research centre.

Centre for Wildlife Studies are one of our partners who are excellent conservation experts on wildlife policy and education. They investigate and advocate the transformative impacts of science and innovation on wildlife conservation.

They are committed to practising science-based conservation, promoting the protection of wildlife and wild lands.