Care for Wild

Care for Wild

Care for Wild is the largest orphan rhino sanctuary in the world so it was an obvious choice of partner for SORAI when we were first teaming up with the planet’s most animal-loving brands to help make a difference. For years, we have been in awe of the Care for Wild team on the ground, and especially its founder Petronel Nieuwoudt whose vision is “to secure viable, free-ranging, black and white rhino breeding populations in healthy ecosystems, supported by a sustainable development model and protected by empowered, rural communities at the heart of conservation”. In the campaign to save the Earth’s rhino, we at SORAI believe this is everything. It’s why we have donated, and continue to donate, large amounts of funds to their cause.

Founded in 2011 by Petronel (of Beast of Man fame, see podcast), Care for Wild is a registered wildlife rehabilitation centre in the Barberton Nature Reserve in South Africa. They rescue, rehabilitate, rewild, release and protect rhinos, and have been globally recognised as a force for good in the war against illegal wildlife trade. A specialised facility, the sanctuary has so far taken in over 120 orphan rhinos, 22 of these sadly arriving with injuries. As each young rhino reaches a healthy maturity whilst under supervision, much work and care goes into their release back into the wild. Within Care for Wild’s admirable holistic approach to biodiversity conservation, a breeding programme has also now begun with the first rhino calf born in 2022 as a significant step towards achieving Petronel’s vision of thriving populations of the species.

Care for Wild is the only facility in this part of the world to hold a formal partnership with South African National Parks, ensuring systemic commitment in the fight to protect rhinos. Protection efforts go as far as elite horse-mounted security, tech-enabled tracking, dog patrols and anti-poaching staff. It is a dangerous but highly rewarding task that ensures the rhinos in the area are properly safeguarded. It also means that the operational costs for this project are considerable yet critical to the survival of this highly endangered animal.

Here at SORAI, we have collaborated with legendary watchmakers Hublot to generate a sustainable flow of funding for and build consumer awareness of Care for Wild, and the desperate need for rhino conservation as a whole, through the sale of a limited timepiece. Our unique partnership has raised, and continues to raise, hundreds of thousands of dollars of vital funding for the day-to-day operations at this South African sanctuary that is devoted to not only seeing the rhino survive, but flourish as a species once again.

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Commenting on the documentary, KP said: “The situation is deeply complicated, but through the remarkable power of people, technology and the support of companies who are throwing their weight behind the issue, we can together work towards a solution.”

Prepare to be inspired by the resilience, dedication and bravery of the people that work so hard to protect the rhino. An avid conservationist, KP himself is deeply committed to saving the species for future generations and making a real difference in the lives of these majestic sensitive creatures.