Save this Rhino

Save this Rhino

Three rhinos are killed every day and if this rate continues, the animal will be extinct by 2025. To shine a light on the plight of these gentle giants, Kevin Pietersen teamed up with outback wrangler Matt Wright, former cricketer Graeme Smith, and orphan rhino mum Petronel Nieuwoudt to produce “Save This Rhino: Arthur’s Story”, a documentary that received multiple industry awards upon its release in 2019.

Shot in South Africa with the support of Cisco, Dimension Data and Land Rover, entirely on Canon equipment by AACTA-winning producer Michael Lawrence and legendary filmmaker Taylor Steele, Save This Rhino is no ordinary conservation documentary. The two-part series is particularly thought-provoking and emotionally-charged as it follows the story of a baby rhino called Arthur the Brave, whose mother was killed for her horn and he himself was badly injured by the poachers who murdered her. Focusing on Arthur’s journey especially, the cast unearth the desperate efforts being made to save him and his critically endangered species.

South Africa is where 80% of the world’s rhinos live, a number now hovering at only around 16,000 because of savage poaching that is being driven by the illegal trade of rhino horn – the most expensive commodity on the black-market despite being proven to having no medicinal value. The purpose of this documentary was to see how the devastating poaching epidemic can be prevented in the future in order to revive these populations in the wild. Through raw and often disturbing scenes, it charts the struggles, obstacles, and wins of the courageous men and women determined to fight on the frontlines of this conservational war.

Premiered at the Paramount Studios in Los Angeles to a 200-strong audience of celebrated stars and influencers including artist Moby and actress Kate Siegel, Save This Rhino travelled the globe with red carpet events in London, Sydney and Melbourne. Nat Geo Wild then aired it to the rest of the world, earning the documentary widespread popularity and two coveted industry awards; its success leading to the commissioning of a second series in 2020.

This time, KP set out to discover the parallels and differences of rhino conservation across the ocean in India. Partnering up with National Geographic explorer and world-renowned conservationist Dr. Krithi Karanth on a journey to UNESCO Heritage Site Kaziranga National Park, they tackle the heavy subjects of the ongoing poaching and annual flooding that threaten the remaining 2,000 Indian rhinos that live there.

Commenting on the documentary, KP said: “The situation is deeply complicated, but through the remarkable power of people, technology and the support of companies who are throwing their weight behind the issue, we can together work towards a solution.”

Prepare to be inspired by the resilience, dedication and bravery of the people that work so hard to protect the rhino. An avid conservationist, KP himself is deeply committed to saving the species for future generations and making a real difference in the lives of these majestic sensitive creatures.