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Time for action
To protect the rhino

With dedicated action in the fight against illegal wildlife trade, the level of poaching in South Africa had been steadily declining until the pandemic rocked the tourism industry, cutting off revenue streams that fund the protection and care of rhinos. It is thought that two-thirds of the rhino species may disappear in our lifetime and now, more than ever, they urgently need our help to survive.

SORAI has partnered with Hublot to release a limited-edition timepieces and raise global awareness to support this cause before it’s too late. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the three Big Bang Unico SORAI watches have been donated exclusively to Care for Wild – the largest rhino sanctuary in the world – for the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned rhinos and supporting essential conservation projects in the Kruger National Park.

“On the ground, every day is a battle, a race against time by the teams of specialists who rescue, rehabilitate, and release rhinos back into the wild. We don’t want to lose one of the Big Five so we need to protect the species now. There is an urgent need for action, and Hublot's support for this is crucial.”

Kevin Pietersen Founder of Sorai

SORAI partners with like-minded organisations, who share our love for animal conservation.

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